PT. Primajaya Sukses Mandiri

Automatic Glass Door

Selling Quality Cheap Automatic Glass Doors

Primajaya Sukses Mandiri is an automatic glass door distributor company located in Jakarta. We sell automatic glass doors for offices, malls, apartments, factories and other buildings. Selling automatic glass doors with the best quality, there is a wide selection of quality automatic glass door brands for you. We provide this glass door with various models, with the price of automatic glass doors that are very affordable.

Selling automatic glass doors with various slider, sliding, curve and other models. Automatic glass doors work in the presence of sensors, which can be installed in various places, especially for crowded places. For that, if you need cheap automatic glass doors, trust us.

We make it easy for those of you who need automatic glass doors. So as to meet these needs in full service. As for hardware & Security System requirements, we are the sole agent, distributor, and installer for Automatic Door, Automatic Gate, Access Control System, High Speed ​​Shutter, Elevator, and Sliding Door System.

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